Are you asexual?    
For a long time I thought I was 100% asexual, but over the past few years I've redefined my label as panromantic/demisexual. That means I can fall in love with anyone regardless of gender, but I don't feel sexual attraction until a bond has been formed.
Is it true that you write fanfiction?
I do indeed!  You can find me on AO3. I tend to write in the Star Wars fandom mostly lately, with the occasional foray into other fandoms (I'm a big Marvel fan, for instance.)

How long have you been writing?
Since I could hold a pencil, mostly.  I stopped for awhile for various issues, but Coffee Cake kicked me into high gear and I haven't stopped writing since.
Is it easy to publish a book?
Not even a little bit.  (But it's absolutely worth it.)
Will you answer questions I have about asexuality?
You bet.  Find me on Tumblr and ask me there , or drop me an email, and I'll share my own experiences with you and help point you in the direction of some excellent websites that can shed more light.